Round Tables

Round Tables

Good leaders learn from others. Our monthly round tables provide a safe, confidential space to meet with Christian business peers. Members grow personally, professionally and spiritually while being encouraged and challenged by peers.

The Curriculum

Our content equips members to live and lead at a higher level. We have created over 150 content sessions on a variety of topics critical for the modern Christian in business, including leadership and personal development.


Our Round Table discussions give participants the opportunity to discuss business and personal challenges, opportunities and issues.

Featured Member Presentation

In each monthly meeting, a featured member has the opportunity to present a personal “state of the union” report to the group. The presentation provides an in-depth overview of the member’s personal, business and spiritual life and allows other members to give input and advice on how to grow in each area.

Goal Setting

At each monthly meeting, members commit to accomplishing a personal, a business and a spiritual goal prior to the next monthly meeting.