About Us

About Us

Truth at Work has helped build and lead companies and organizations on proven biblical principles since 1998. Our cause is to reach out to minister and provide support where people are spending the majority of their lives…at work! Truth at Work invests significant resources in equipping Christian business owners and leaders in earning the right to share their faith in the context of marketplace relationships through modeling Christ-like Servant Leadership. Employees who work for organizations they consider to be spiritual are less fearful, less likely to compromise their values, and more able to invest themselves into their work. While other ministries and organizations work to serve church-attending Christians in the workplace, few have developed strategic initiatives to provide on-going support of Christian change agents. This unique aspect of Truth at Work aggressively positions itself as an excellent alternative to leading secular training and consulting companies.

Chapter President

James Justice is a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach with over 27 years of experience in executive management, operational leadership and sales. James has a proven track record of business and professional success, with extensive experience in both for-profit and non-profit settings.

James focuses on leadership, executive and life coaching. His business background and extensive non-profit work provide him with relevant insights and necessary intuition to coach toward executive, leadership, strategic planning, sales and personal goals.

James regularly contributes Truth Talk videos to his media channel on Global 7 TV. These videos cover a variety of topics, including business and leadership.


  • President, Truth at Work Alabama
  • Executive Coach and Business Advisor